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Event Safety Alliance Announces Initial Appointments to Newly Launched Advisory Council

June 7th, 2018|0 Comments

June 7, 2018 (Scottsdale, AZ) - Event Safety Alliance today announced the appointment of several industry leaders to its newly-formed [...]


May 8th, 2018|Comments Off on ANALYSIS OF NEVADA OSHA STATUTE, AB 190

ANALYSIS OF NEVADA OSHA STATUTE, AB 190 Posted: May 8, 2018 Near the end of its 2017 session, the Nevada [...]

Eleven ESTA Proposed Standards in Public Review

February 12th, 2018|0 Comments

Eleven ESTA Proposed Standards in Public Review Eleven documents are available for public review at no cost on the ESTA [...]


January 23rd, 2018|0 Comments

- A Discussion on Mental Wellness in the Entertainment Industry - - Bell Let’s Talk Day – January 31 – [...]

2017 Event Structure and Stage Accidents

January 5th, 2018|0 Comments

The above list of event structure and stage accidents in 2017 makes clear that severe weather continues to be a [...]

Happy Holidays From The Event Safety Alliance

December 21st, 2017|0 Comments

As 2017 draws to a close, we want to extend a heartfelt "thank you" for your support of ESA and [...]


About the Event Safety Alliance

The Event Safety Alliance® (ESA) advocates for consistent and effective safety practices throughout all phases of event production and execution. We strive to eliminate the knowledge barrier that often contributes to unsafe conditions and behaviors through the promotion and teaching of good practices and the development of training and planning resources.

Motivated by past tragedies, and to honor those who through their sacrifice contributed to our learning, we believe that…

  • We have a responsibility to provide a safe environment for our industry family and guests;
  • Cultivating a culture of safety will reduce uncertainty and risk while positively impacting our members in the quality, reliability, competitiveness and profitability of their work;
  • The industry possesses the motivation, experience, skill, and desire to assure the safety of its own assets; and
  • Every individual has the power to improve safety at an event by not just talking about safe methods and techniques, but practicing them, advocating for them on the job, arriving prepared and equipped to operate safely, and intervening when necessary to prevent unsafe acts.
A major goal of the ESA is to transform the culture of the industry (i.e., the way we do things) by deeply integrating safety into all activities so that both individual and group behaviors are affected. With your help, we will achieve this through:

  • The promotion of life safety first as a priority in the live event industry;
  • The crafting of industry-specific tools that identify, assess and reduce risk in live event activities;
  • The compilation, distillation, and dissemination of industry-specific safety information and reasonable practices;
  • The development of industry-specific safety training;
  • Working cooperatively with industry leaders and stake-holders, including insurers and government, to develop loss prevention strategies; and
  • Building global relationships to improve safety across all disciplines working with the live event industry.
Our members are the driving force of the Event Safety Alliance. We depend heavily on our supporters to help promote the ESA’s values and to contribute their ideas and opinions in setting our priorities for the future.

By joining the ESA, you’ll help support the development of planning tools, educational resources and training programs designed to improve safety throughout the live event industry, and become eligible for exclusive discounts and offers that far exceed the cost of membership.

Join now.

Event safety affects everyone – including the business community. The effects of a catastrophic incident can severely impact the reputation and bottom line of everyone involved in an event, whether they’re a promoter, producer, or equipment vendor. We all have an interest and role to play in ensuring that such accidents are prevented. Your organization can do its part by becoming a corporate sponsor of the Event Safety Alliance®.

Becoming a corporate sponsor is one of the clearest demonstrations of your organization’s commitment to ensuring a safer environment for everyone who work on or attend events. Your support will help the ESA continue to develop the educational and training support critical to increasing safety awareness within the event industry. Contact us today to learn more.

The Event Safety Guide is the United States’ first published safety guidance directed specifically at the live event industry. Culled from existing life safety standards and the insight of top professionals within the event industry, The Event Safety Guide compiles the best operational practices currently available in the live event industry in a single easily-referenced manual. Order your copy today!

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