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In Fall 2016, Event Safety Alliance committed to the lengthy process of turning the current edition of the Event Safety Guide into a series of American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards. Working in conjunction with the Entertainment Services and Technology Association’s (ESTA) Technical Standards Program (, the newly-formed Event Safety Working Group is currently reviewing and revising existing chapters of the Event Safety Guide, as well as drafting additional content not included in the first edition. The documents that result from this process will be widely-accepted, national standards for many aspects of live event operations and planning, and will be distributed free of charge on the ESTA website along with their other published documents (

Creating new ANSI standards is a time and labor-intensive process. To support management of the standards accreditation process the Technical Standards Program requires all working groups to pay an annual fee of $25,000. While this is a reasonable and worthwhile investment, this amount represents a significant percentage of ESA’s annual operating budget.

ESA believes turning the current Event Safety Guide into a series of freely-available, ANSI-accredited standards is the best way to improve its value to the industry and make this information available to all, particularly those with limited financial or human resources. As a supporter of the ESA’s mission, we hope that you will consider making a donation to help us achieve this important goal.

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