In light of recent tour-related bus and truck incidents, the Event Safety Alliance recommends those seeking transportation services confirm the safety record of potential carriers as part of their decision-making process. The ESA believes that making such review a standard practice will provide a reasonable measure of assurance to the client and help to elevate the discussion between clients and carriers on the importance of maintenance and safe vehicle operation.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) provides several online resources that can help touring personnel easily verify the safety records, DOT records and insurance records of operating companies:

FMCSA Analysis and Information ( – FMCSA’s online resource center for analytical data, statistics, recent studies, and reports on truck and bus safety. Users can search for company-specific information using provider name, DOT number, and/or motor carrier number.

FMCSA Licensing and Insurance ( – Provides specific information about the insurance carried by the carrier. Allows users to search for and review a broad range of carrier information, such as:
– BOC-3 filing (blanket of coverage)
– Blanket Companies
– Carrier search
– FMCSA Register
– Insurance Filing
– Mexican Application Status
– Out of Service Carriers

SaferBus (mobile application, – Available on both iOS and Android platforms, SaferBus provides an efficient way to view and access the safety performance of commercial motor carriers. Provides up to 24 months of safety performance data for a bus company in the following categories:
– Unsafe Driving
– Hours-of-Service Compliance
– Driver Fitness
– Controlled Substances and Alcohol
– Vehicle Maintenance

Additional FMCSA resources that may help guide a carrier safety review include:

Top 3 Things to Know When Planning Your Next Bus Trip

Resources for Carrier Companies


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