Welcome to the new home of the Event Safety Alliance.

We are in the process of updating our web presence and hope that any growing pains that may be evident are not too much of an inconvenience. Our goal for this site—just like a goal of the Event Safety Alliance (ESA)—is to be as inclusive and welcoming as possible, and your suggestions for improving the web site are always welcome.

The Event Safety Alliance is an all-volunteer network made up of individuals just like you who have chosen to strive for a safer environment for all of those working at and attending produced events of any kind.

As a friendly reminder, the first ever US Event Safety Guide is open for public review and comment until August 5th. Please register with us (it’s free), download your copy of the draft guide and give us your expert feedback as you see fit. Once the review period closes, we will release your suggestions for another brief round of input to ensure that the suggested changes reflect a consensus by the industry at large. We are establishing the timeline for completed release as you read this but fully intend to have version 1.0 ready for public consumption by the end of 2013.

In an effort to ensure the widespread use of the guide, the ESA is working on several tools which will make the daily application of these best practices more common and less daunting. The ESA is now over 2000 registered individuals working together to keep our industry healthy and forward thinking.

Similarly to the guide, the site intends to house the links and references to as much of the known applicable guidance for safe and successful event execution. Should you have additional industry accepted reference material or governmental guidance that we have not included please email us the details to info@eventsafetyalliance.org.

Welcome to OUR new site.