From its inception, the fundamental mission of the Event Safety Alliance has been to develop a broad, multidisciplinary coalition of professionals united in a single mission – to ensure safer events. In our view, a diversity of experience is critical to developing tools and resources that will benefit everyone working in the industry. Regardless of your discipline, your involvement is the lifeblood of the ESA. Without you there would be no Alliance.

Due in part to a recent feature in the NFPA Journal (the official magazine of the National Fire Protection Association), the ESA has experienced an influx of registrations by emergency response professionals, including fire personnel, EMT’s, leadership and support staff. On behalf of all Alliance members, we would like to welcome these first responders to the ESA fold. We are honored that you see the importance of our mission, and are willing share your insight into emergency preparedness and response for the betterment of the event industry. Thank you in advance for what surely will be valuable contributions in keeping our events (and lives) safe.


One final reminder, the commenting period on the draft version of the Event Safety Guide closes in less than two weeks. Please download your copy of the Guide and submit your comments for review by August 5, 2013.