By Steve Miller, Weather Decision Technologies

A standard-issue warm and humid summer Saturday night was underway in Dallas, Texas. The Linkin Park Carnivores Tour was about to take the stage as a thunderstorm was developing west-northwest of the GEXA Energy Pavilion. WDT WeatherOps meteorologist Lindsey Ozment had been in communication with Linkin Park Production Manager, Jim Digby throughout the day keeping him updated on the developing weather. This process started earlier in the day when, before getting off the bus at 8am, Jim received his “WeatherCheck” from WDT forecasters informing him about the possibility of thunderstorms. The WeatherCheck, along with the Linkin Park Weather threat/decision action matrix, is always posted throughout the backstage area when the band plays. Jim pre-briefed his crew that morning to review the actions they would take if the thunderstorms did indeed occur.

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