August 12, 2015 (Scottsdale, AZ) – Continuing on their quest to improve safety awareness throughout the global events industry, Event Safety Alliance today announced it has formed a strategic partnership with Dutch public events organization Vereniging van EvenementenMakers (VVEM). Operating as an international affiliate of the ESA, the two organizations will collaborate on the creation of a Dutch edition of the Event Safety Guide, as well as the mutual recognition and promotion of each group’s safety training programs.

“The ESA is delighted to have the VVEM as a new partner of our rapidly growing organization,” said ESA Chairman of the Board Jim Digby. “The VVEM is well established in the sector and has accumulated a wealth of expertise which will incorporated in the next edition of the ESG. We look forward to a positive dialogue and exchange of knowledge and ideas between the two organizations.”

VVEM president Herald van de Bunt continued, “The membership of the VVEM comprises the major event organizers in the Netherlands, companies that are continuously innovating in the area of event safety. With the publication of the ESG, these event organizers have assumed the responsibility of not only informing and raising awareness among stakeholders of event safety, but also training and including them as partners in this important field. We view the partnership with ESA as an important step forward. The Event Safety Guide, combined with the ESA’s training courses, is the best possible way of promoting event safety.”

Participation in this new alliance is open to all interested parties regardless of other professional affiliations. For more information, please email .

About VVEM

The Vereniging van EvenementenMakers (VVEM) is the Dutch public events sector organization. The  VVEM  was  founded  in  2000  and  currently has 125  members,  taking  care  of  about  185  companies  from different  corners  of  the  event  industry.  All leading organizers, location providers and suppliers have joined forces to raise the industry to a higher level. As a serious partner for the government, the VVEM is working on regulations, for better and safer events. Learn more at .

About Event Safety Alliance:

Event Safety Alliance (ESA) is a 501(c)(6) non-profit trade organization dedicated to promoting and supporting “life safety first” during all phases of live event production. Through the dissemination of preparedness information, the development of planning & training resources, and the creation of software safety resources, the Event Safety Alliance strives to eliminate knowledge and awareness barriers that often contribute to unsafe conditions and behaviors. For additional information, visit