Leaders in Event Safety: Clair Global

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For over 40 years, Clair Global has been a leader in the event audio industry, providing sound reinforcement and technical staff to acts ranging from Alan Jackson to ZZ Top. From the company’s humble beginnings in its founder’s garage to their current position on the world’s top stages, one thing has remained consistent - an unwavering [...]

Welcome First Responders

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From its inception, the fundamental mission of the Event Safety Alliance has been to develop a broad, multidisciplinary coalition of professionals united in a single mission - to ensure safer events. In our view, a diversity of experience is critical to developing tools and resources that will benefit everyone working in the industry. Regardless of your [...]

Summer is here – are you “storm ready”?

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The past month has seen several deadly weather systems tear though much of the country, upending trees, lives, and livelihoods from Oklahoma to the Great Lakes. Such disasters are unfortunately an increasingly common occurrence this time of year. Although severe weather can strike at any time, the summer months have traditionally experienced the most destructive weather [...]

Are you missing your near-misses?

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It goes without saying that you should be performing a thorough investigation of all accidents that occur during the production of your event. But are you taking the time to identify and investigate all near-miss incidents, as well? By definition, a near-miss incident is an unplanned event that does not result in an injury or damage, [...]

The countdown begins – make your voice heard

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With the onset of June, there are now less than 8 weeks left until the comment period closes on the draft version of the Event Safety Guide. Since the Guide was released in February, we've received a number of excellent suggestions on how we can supplement, revise, and improve particular elements. However, your input is still [...]

Event safety is supported by safe rigging

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Rigging systems are perhaps the most deceptively complex elements in event production. What may appear to a layperson as a haphazard pile of cables, shackles, and truss work is in all likelihood an intricately-designed and well-engineered structure, capable of supporting equipment many times its own weight. Similarly, there’s more to the practice of rigging than simply [...]

Welcome to the new home of the Event Safety Alliance

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Welcome to the new home of the Event Safety Alliance. We are in the process of updating our web presence and hope that any growing pains that may be evident are not too much of an inconvenience. Our goal for this site—just like a goal of the Event Safety Alliance (ESA)—is to be as inclusive and welcoming as possible, [...]

The ESA welcomes Jacob Worek to the team

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The Event Safety Alliance proudly welcomes Jacob Worek to the team. Jacob will be managing our blog content to ensure that our messaging remains current and relevant to the mission. He is an event safety consultant in Portland, Oregon, with prior experience that includes event production, venue operations, and sponsorship account management. He has written on [...]

In the News

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Why Roadies Are Our Best Bet For Typhoon Haiyan Relief In The Philippines By Ruth Blatt, Forbes, November 30, 2013. “Mr. President,” said former roadie and production manager for The Police Charlie Hernandez in April 2011, taking a pen out of his pocket, “I can get this pen anywhere on Earth in 72 hours.” He was [...]

Your industry. Your voice. Your ESA.

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Welcome to the inaugural post on the Event Safety Alliance blog. As part of the ESA's updated web presence, this blog will be focused on bringing you the latest in safety-related news, ideas, and analysis from across the event industry. We'll examine the latest trends and issues in event safety, and discuss how they may impact [...]

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