Safety & Improvisation

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"Improvisation is too good to leave to chance" - Paul Simon For as long as humans have been creating music, the ability to effortlessly improvise has been one of the most highly-admired talents. Whether used for hashing out song ideas or as an end in itself , a musician’s ability to improvise with other players is [...]

The Event Safety Alliance: Guiding An Industry Toward Safer Event Production

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2011 was poised to be a memorable year for the concert industry. Ticket sales were on a rebound following a precipitous drop in 2010, and acts were once again feeling confident about taking big, production-heavy tours out on the road. Unfortunately, the year became memorable not for its successes, but its tragedies. The summer of 2011 saw [...]

Thank You Thornton Tomasetti

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The Event Safety Alliance would like to thank Thornton Tomasetti for their generous donation. Your investment in the ESA will help us continue to raise awareness of life safety issues within the live event industry, and to develop tools and resources those working in events can use to make their own productions safer. Founded in 1956, [...]

Who’s responsible for safety at your event?

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Who's responsible for safety at your event? Is it the performer, who largely controls the production design and has the most psychological influence over the audience? Is it the promoter, who’s responsible for the planning of the event? Is it the employees, whose decisions and actions can have the largest immediate effect of what occurs during [...]

Take1 And Event Safety Alliance To Host Industry’s First Webinar On Live Event Safety

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“A 60-Minute Introduction to Producing Safer Live Events” will be held on Wednesday, November 13, 2013 at 2 p.m. EST. Registration is now open at this website. LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, September 16, 2013 — Asserting that the live event production industry can no longer take a passive approach to life safety, Take1 Insurance, the leading insurance provider to the [...]

Eating the Elephant : Making events safer one bite at a time.

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“How do you eat an elephant?” By now, most of us are familiar with the answer to this query - “one bite at a time”. Riddles aside, it’s a sage bit of advice. When faced with a daunting task, the best approach is often to take things one small step (or bite) at a time. What’s [...]

Event Safety Alliance Granted 501(c)(6) Nonprofit Status

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The Event Safety Alliance is pleased to announce that it has been officially granted 501(c)(6) status by the Internal Revenue Service. This designation establishes the ESA as tax-exempt entity, and marks a milestone in establishing the Event Safety Alliance as the preeminent event safety organization in the United States. “We’re excited to have obtained 501(c)(6) status [...]

Tell us what you’re doing to improve safety

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Has your organization recently made technology or program upgrades designed to improve safety? Do you have a safety success story you'd like to share with other event professionals? The Event Safety Alliance would like to highlight these accomplishments as part of our email newsletter. The ESA newsletter is distributed regularly to over 2500 individuals and companies [...]

To change the industry, we must be willing to change ourselves

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Legendary UCLA Basketball coach John Wooden was once quoted as saying that although “failure is not fatal, a failure to change might be”. Although he was undoubtedly speaking metaphorically, there’s no disputing that a person’s ability to change, to evolve in their beliefs and actions is critical to their continued growth and success. Few know this [...]

Thank you for contributing to the Event Safety Guide

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The Event Safety Alliance would like to thank everyone who took the time to review and comment on the draft version of the Event Safety Guide. Your contributions are absolutely vital to making the ESG the indispensable resource we know it can become. Stay tuned for an update regarding next steps and the "official" first edition [...]