ESA building bridges within China events industry

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The ESA have just returned from a massively promising week long trip to China building and expanding its global coalition of like minded entertainment professionals fostering a safer industry. After 14 meetings over the week it is abundantly clear that China shares the same desires as the rest of the world to ensure that everything possible [...]

Crew safety meeting…for real. Being a safety conscious touring industry.

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In light of recent events in the world (Brussels attacks), even more specifically in the music industry (Paris attacks), we have never been made more keenly aware of the need for emergency procedures when on tour. These horrific attacks have sparked discussions on how to create a safety conscious industry and what things to implement in case of [...]

ESA at Metamorph-ISES Educational Experience in Philadelphia

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Live or work in the Philadelphia area? Register now for the 2nd annual Metamorph-ISES Educational Experience, taking place this Monday, March 28 at the Chemical Heritage Foundation in Philadelphia. ESA founder and Chairman Jim Digby will be on hand to discuss pressing safety issues within the live event industry and the current activities of the ESA. [...]

Two striking reminders of the threat posed by lightning

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This past Friday (3/18/16) provided two poignant reminders of the threat events face from lightning. In Austin, severe storms rolled through the area during the SXSW Festival, lighting up the sky and exposing thousands of revelers to potential danger. While thankfully no injuries were reported as a result of a strike, the photo above demonstrates how potentially catastrophic a direct strike might [...]

New this year – “Ask The Expert” sessions at the Severe Weather Summit

By | February 11th, 2016|Categories: ESA Blog|

An exciting new feature of this year’s Severe Weather Summit is the addition of end-of-day “Ask The Expert” tabletop sessions. Have a venue-specific weather question you’d like addressed? Need more information on something mentioned during an earlier session? These issue-specific roundtable discussions are your chance to get into the weeds with some of the nation’s leading [...]

Responding to fire-related emergencies

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[av_heading heading='Responding to fire-related emergencies' tag='h1' style='' size='' subheading_active='' subheading_size='15' padding='0' color='' custom_font=''][/av_heading] [av_textblock size='' font_color='' color=''] February 10, 2016 / Posted by: Jacob Worek [/av_textblock] [av_codeblock wrapper_element='' wrapper_element_attributes=''] O Palco Pegou Fogo.10 Minutos antes do Show.#ÁudioMixBrasil Posted by Áudio Mix Brasil on Thursday, February 4, 2016 [/av_codeblock] [av_textblock size='' font_color='' color=''] Little is currently known of the circumstances [...]

Job Listing – Safety and Rigging Manager

By | December 17th, 2015|Categories: ESA Blog|

Company Description Bigger Hammer Production Services has provided quality A.V. technicians and stagehands across the greater Los Angeles area since 1996. We've built our reputation by providing professional, hard working, and responsible crews. Bigger Hammer provides crews for a wide range of calls including corporate events, concert production, production rehearsals, special events and more. We hire [...]

Nine Important Rules to Follow When Using Shackles

By | December 15th, 2015|Categories: ESA Blog|

From the folks at Columbus McKinnon: Shackles are used every day in a variety of rigging and load securement applications. Before you use a shackle, there are nine important rules to keep in mind. Rule 1: When making a sling, attach multiple sling legs to the bow, not the pin. Attaching legs to the pin can damage [...]

ESA position regarding the wearing of high visibility apparel (HVA)

By | August 30th, 2015|Categories: ESA Blog, Position Statements|

The Event Safety Alliance (ESA) recommends that all personnel working in the vicinity of moving motorized vehicles--including fork lifts and elevated platforms--meet all local, state/provincial, and federal requirements in a work zone. If there is doubt regarding whether wearing HVA is required in a particular location, and especially if work operations will be conducted in low light conditions, [...]

Cirque du Soleil renews support of Event Safety Alliance

By | August 24th, 2015|Categories: ESA Blog|

August 17, 2015 (Scottsdale, AZ) - Event Safety Alliance is pleased to announce that Quebec-based theatrical company Cirque du Soleil has renewed their commitment as a platinum-level sponsor of the ESA. The world’s largest producer of theatrical events, Cirque du Soleil has sponsored the Event Safety Alliance since early 2014, and has been a vocal advocate [...]