About the ESA

The Event Safety Alliance (ESA) is a non-profit trade organization dedicated to promotion and support of a “life safety first” attitude during all phases of live event production. The ESA will achieve this through the dissemination of safety preparedness information and the creation and development of safety planning, training and other resources. Further, the ESA strives to improve the safety culture that currently exists in the live event production industry to reduce or eliminate unsafe conditions and behaviors.

The objectives and purposes of the ESA are to:

  • Promote the “life safety first” mindset as a leading priority in the live event industry.
  • Collect, organize and disseminate industry-related reasonable practices.
  • Dialogue with government officials and event industry leaders to shape strategies for training, certification and inspection practices.
  • Identify and create training resources.
  • Identify, create and distribute relevant live event safety information.
  • Represent the mission of the organization internationally.